Phobe Cook
[[ |250px]]
Race Human
Gender Female
Affiliation --
Occupation Student
Status Active
First Appearance The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Last Appearance --

Phoebe Cook is a minor protagonist who first appears in the novel The Dangerous Days of Daniel X.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

The real Phoebe has red hair and freckles.



Daniel X first met Phoebe on his first day at Glendale Junior and Senior High School. He took pity on the girl after catching wind of her lonely thoughts, and after spending much of the day with her, asked if she would "like to go out sometime."

Unbeknownst to Daniel, at the time the Phoebe he was interacting with was in actuality Ergent Seth in disguise. This is revealed later in the novel, when she disappeared from her bedroom without a trace.


The next day, after informing Daniel of her family situation, he snuck to her house in the night after his home was compromised. Phoebe offered him her closet, seemingly accepting his lie that his parents had thrown him out.

When Daniel awoke and couldn't find Phoebe anywhere in her house or school, he began to frantically search for her. He eventually found her after hearing her scream in Glendale's football field. There, he learned that the girl he had seemingly "befriended" was really a masquerading Ergent Seth.

The Real PhoebeEdit

After Seth is defeated on Alpar Nok, the real Phoebe turned out to be imprisoned on his ship. She delivered The List of Alien Outlaws to Daniel.

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